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Global Education Solutions

Our company specializes on Online training providing a unique educational experience for every student focusing on their interests and real life proficiency.

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Combining the experience of our members we have stablished a work model based on the principles of Excellence in performance and Constant improvement which we apply to our own educational model.

Time saving

We seek to prepare our customers in computing to develop their skills in the labor market, while also facilitating keeping in touch with loved ones in the digital age.


Our company is integrated by instructors from different backgrounds dedicated to teaching the newest in various areas of computing and information technology.

Our Model

Our educational model focuses on our students achieving computer or software-specific proficiency through friendly and practical guidance following a pedagogic principle that takes very seriously each student’s goals and adapts itself to them in a unique way that will work with them to completion.

Our Instructors apply this principle to all their sessions, starting with a careful and individually specific preparation of their classes and strong desire to mesh with our students’ personalities and address their individual needs.


Our Auditors team review every session to assure our class’ standards are met, reporting and providing constant feedback every step of the way.


Our Tech Support team has, to date, solved 100% of the problems the students have presented within their approved range, from different kinds of software problems, problematic installations, damaged processes, configuration issues, and even many different types of malware removal.


Our Management team is committed to scrutinous instructor selection and hiring process recruitment to complete customer satisfaction on all of their assignments, from the first contact with students, to completion follow up devoting themselves to fully solve any issue that may arise, giving a prompt solution and stablishing protocols to avoid future issues.

Our Programs

Our curriculum is composed by some of the most relevant training to date, and we constantly look for new business tendencies to increase it or constantly adapt to current times as well as the needs and policies of our clients.