Familiarize students with the fundamentals of childcare as a provider.

Child Care Provider

Program Description
This program is designed to provide students with the skills and concepts necessary to provide high-quality childcare. Students will acquire the necessary knowledge and abilities to care for infants, young children, and older children. A great Emphasis is placed on the essential skills to contribute in helping children to develop cognitive, social, physical, emotional, cognitive and creative areas.

Program Objectives
This program provides students with the fundamental skills and knowledge on infants and children of different ages that will allow them to perform the duties of a Childcare provider. The training engulfs a wide array of topics such as children development, child behavior, approaches to learning and discipline. Students will learn to work individually or with groups of children to create a safe, comfortable, and creative environment.

Occupational Objectives Graduates of the program may qualify for entry-level position as a Childcare Provider within different types of private organizations.